Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips for Make A Harmonious Family Garden

Keep your yard looking good when it is used for a variety of needs is not as difficult as you might think with a little planning of the garden. This article describes solutions for the whole family to enjoy a perfect life in the open.

Ideally, you should see your garden for you and at the same time, work them well. You want to use to relax and enjoy the space as an extension of the house to other family members as well. At first this seems to be a problem that the children play, adults want to play and everyone wants to relax.

1. Identify exactly what you want in your garden

would you like a lot, barbecues, etc.?
Need a place to play for children?
Do you want a garden to grow your own food?
Is there a greenhouse effect?
Remember that you have garden furniture?

Come with your own list.

2. Design your garden according to

Remember, there are no rules here. You have a blank canvas. Most of the problems with which the children played and adults who want to relax or garden.
a) Consider the resistant shrubs and grasses, a reaching of football.

b) If your garden is small and space is a premium, why not push up? Put climb a pergola. Can be detected until plants temporarily pages to cover the leaves against the wind. Use the interior to rest or eat.

c) Use of plants in containers. So you can move at will can accodomodate different situations, or if you only want to change.
d) Put your garden furniture and a dining area outside the playground, and potential use as a windbreak. Buy product against weather and rust.

e) Try to find the grid in a safe place. Consider a portable grill that can adapt to any situation and weather conditions. And get a gas controlled. Do not spend all day trying to make one!

f) Review games you can enjoy the adults and children. Croquet is ideal if also ensure that children do not take music from your garden! Show them how to play.

The best solutions are those that allow maximum flexibility. Try to set other active elements of the garden, so in theory, can be moved with minimal effort. With a little forward thinking can you plan a garden that is suitable for all family members and guests of the house while entertaining? Work, rest and play all at once... Honest!


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